Establishment founded in 1965 by Mr Luis Alonso "Chuleta" and currently run by his son, master roaster Mr Joaquín Alonso, who has poured his heart and soul into his father's legacy. Castillan cuisine based on seasonal products that are prepared traditionally.

    The house specialty is suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven before the customers. The restaurant also offers a selection of products including wild asparagus, wild mushrooms in pepper sauce, chops cooked with vine shoots and charbroiled meat, seafood and fish such as Chuleta-style sea bream ...

    The restaurant has an underground cellar where customers can partake in wine tasting sessions and a splendid outdoor patio looking out over the beautiful plain of river Duero.

    There are three dining rooms that can seat 400 people. The resturant also has an extensive variety of tapas and rations to share at the bar. Set menus for groups, companies, events and all types of celebrations.

    Located 100m. form the Plaza Mayor (main square).